Robbwindow and friends in Covent Garden

Last week Alex and another friend from the Isle of Man took me out for a blowout in Covent Garden. Thats Alex on the left he's a great painter and in the middle is Crobs. Crobs has a house on the Isle of Man and he's mad about cars. He used to do security on the rock but now he's a gardener. That's me to the right and the photo was taken by a girl with dread locks.

The next photograph was taken in the Sicilian restaurant. We went for some nettle tea and Italian fancies. You can't see it in this picture but the manager of the cafe who took the picture was very commandeering as he explained all the artifacts at the foot of the door. At the entrance of the door is a mannequin of George Formby with a silver collection tray. The manager said he won it in Las Vegas, you can check it out it's down a back lane in Covent Garden somewhere road the corner from Covent Garden tube station. The cafe is away from the hustle and bustle of the area in a really cool alcove.

That's me eating Carpachio a traditional Sicilian dessert. It was yummy! That white stuff in the centre of the crispy cone was yummy because it had a hint of Mascaponi and other yummy treats. I'm guessing it had a lot of sugar in it too.

You can see by the look on my face how enthusiastic I get when food is on the table. The manager said in Sicily the guy's don't use a fork they just pick it up and eat it like a chocolate bar.

In the end I did what he suggested. Alex took this picture and he said he'd never seen me so happy in the picture. Crob's got a nutty sponge cake and Alex made do with the nettle tea.

I offered to swap a bit with Crobs but he said I should just enjoy it myself, Alex said the same thing.

When I eventually managed to crack the code of eating this lovely dessert; the manager stood over me awaiting a reaction. Surely be, the first bite was an explosion of the taste buds.

Here's what to look out for; this picture of Alex and Crobs, is of them sitting outside the Italian cafe - that I speak of here. The frames are very bright red and the wooden seats are a stripey, swirly blue. As you can see by the look on their faces, they look as happy as me eating that dessert having spent a bit of time there.

This day was great and Alex who also lives in London is really cool, and I have known him for yonks. We all lived and were raised in Port Erin South of the Isle of Man. 

Alex is great becuase he is currently a nightclub promoter and has dabbled with helping people stop smoking for a NHS team. 

You might notice in this image that I am back on the ciggies, if not no worries I will stop soon, ok. 

In this image you can see a Christams tree, it's probably in Covent Garden and more than likely it is near a pub. 

If you fancy a good day out with friends, like to do a bit of shopping, window or actually purchasing stuff then Covent Garden is the place to go. 

They have just opened a running shop with proper running gear; although they don't sell them five finger shoes yet, for people practising barefoot running etc.

Any-road it was a great year and I'm sure 2010 will be even better. Bring it on. Below I shall leave you with a video Ok. If you liked this post enter one of your e-mail's into the subscription feed burner box and have a listen to the SoundCloud mix. 

You can download it if you like.

Yours faithfully, Robbwindow.

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