Slackk Snake Charming Music | Grime

Just listening to this new Grime mix from ID magazine by Slackk it's called Music to…Charm snakes too. Starts of with traditional artists from over the years so you know what your listening too. Moves into more traditional honky tonky sounds that the grimey people like. Throughout the mix there are mixing samples used to show how busy the DJ is. I will write a bit more about this SoundCloud mix as I hear the tracks.
Grime often appears on the airwaves and in bars here in London. Grime got it's name somewhere near Hackney East London. This mix is an easy listening version, lots of nice lyrics f rom Tiny Tempah, Wiley, people like that. If you believe this mixture of grime is making lots of rappers a lot of money. So what's unique about this mix?

Might be an idea to check the tracks showing up in this mix because a lot of what you are hearing are remixed or CDs playing back to back in interesting ways. A bit of controlled chaos in the mixing. Using lots of squelching sounds and clapping noises from the drum machine. Good use of synthesizers which bring a mysterious haunting sound which maybe why they called it the Snake Charmer mix. Early on in the mix we get hints that this maybe true, I not convinced it would take more than this to charm the socks of a snake.

Slackk does a good job of promoting the possibilities and flexibilities of Grime, I imagine hearing bits of this at the Notting Hill carnival. The vocal samples and breaks between tracks is disruptive enough and helps introduce in a variety of haunting sounds. This is Grime sounds, listen carefully for some tracks you can hear the toads in the background croaking.

Lots of little odes to the past, if you used to like listening to people messing about on keyboards and Top of Old Smokey tracks on the Major Morgan then you will like this. It also brings up digital versions of the recorder, the triangle and orhestral piano bowel movements.

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