Solomon 2nd Mix Radio 1

Meet Solomon again. He is another electronic DJ who is providing great sounds on the circuit.
This mix is like Steve Lawler previous mix one from the Pete Tong show.

I spelt his name wrong again is Solomun with a ü. Hope this as good as his last mix shared here.
A lot of the mixes I do not always get chance to listen too. I always come back though and have a nice listen.
Be sure to wear headphones when listening loud so as not to upset your neighbourhood and remember: good music is contagious.
If you can spread the love please there is bound to be a heap of your followers on Twitter who will want to listen to this a little bit later on.
Facebook is another place. I not mind you copy and pasting to other blogs though please leave link and reference I no worried about no follow links too just do the honourable thing, Copyscape in the house.
Perhaps share with a picture of you wearing big headphones to show you enjoy every minute.
Here I am on Google @robbwindow
Here is Solomun on Google +Solomun

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