Sunday, 7 February 2016

Music from the future and music from the past

Music comes and goes and the way we listen to music changes. I am confident we have progressed so far technologically in the musical space we need to progress no further.The personal player space has moved so small and battery life once charged has expanded too.
I pod shuffles are really small and compact iPlayer s are compact and carries months of music, DJ sets, radio broadcasts etc. The latest Apple iPhone update will be causing ripples with phone owners who have opened and tweeted there own iPhones. I Care is an insurance plan for Apple devices. Repairs has grown as a commodity and over these past few years manufacturers have focused all there efforts on ensuring technology goes out of date, or only lasts for a certain amount of years and cable plugs chop and change.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

bowie2001 remixes

Listen to the whole thing over on http://bowie2001.com 

Flex - Beat It | Drum n Bass / Dec 2015

I just found this on YouTube. The first tune Flex play's got my attention, as I sure you will agree too; the lyrics and melody is nice. I know a lot of you find listening to drum and bass difficult because of the fast speed drums, high hats and snare beats. The reality is it's been around a long time and there is a scene which definitely has it's place here on robbwindow. I first experienced dnb in Liverpool Carl Cox was playing it on three decks. Around the same time I purchased a heap of Fantasia tapes. A favourite of mine was the Donovan Bad Boy Smith mix again because the first few minutes in the small Liverpool record shop caught my attention. So please sit back and listen to this guy do his thing, I am confident it will be worth your while.

Listen to Beat It promo Mix by 5ha5h #np on #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/5ha5h/beat-it-promo-mix

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Busy P and Para One and Cassius - Essential Mix - 17-Oct-2015 - Mixcloud

This is a mix from France of all sorts of funky French music. One of the DJ s mentions Daft Punk essential mix [Pete Tong, BBC] 1998. Busy P says the broadcast came live from his room. I like this sort of thing. Listen in and imagine yourself in some nice art gallery in Paris. Enjoy.

 Busy P and Para One and Cassius - Essential Mix - 17-Oct-2015 - Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/edmninja/busy-p-and-para-one-and-cassius-essential-mix-17-oct-2015/

Be sure to share with all your mates.

Jose Padilla EssentialMix | Mixcloud

New Years Day | SoundCloud | 4+ hr Gabriel & Dresden Mix

This is a New Years Soundcloud mix from a well known progressive and trance music duo Dresden and Gabriel. I listened to a lot of trance music over the holidays, all of them brilliant. Is over four hours of music and I think regardless of what music you like to listen to I am sure you will enjoy. If you like this mix please let us all know in the comments below.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Ferry Corsten | Mixmag | LA Oct 2015

Here is where you want to be for New Years Eve. 2015 was good but 2016 should all goes well be much better. Be sure to see in the New Year someplace nice with decent entertainment. This here is a Mixmag video filmed in LA a couple of months ago. The filming is good and the music is nice.
Ferry Corsten DJing for a club in America. This is a Mixmag video so it is quite posh. Watch and listen to trance DJ from Rotterdam do his thing. This will make a nice framework for New Years Eves parties. Thanks for listening.

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