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Monday, 11 July 2016

UK top 40 One week in July 2016

Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners - 'This Girl' (3Beat) 1 (1) 3 (2)

Justin Timberlake - 'Can't Stop The Feeling' (RCA) 2 (2) 4 (3)

Calvin Harris // Rihanna - 'This Is What You Came For' (Columbia) 5 (4) 5 (6)

Drake featuring Rihanna - 'Too Good' (Cash Money/Republic) 10 (6) 6 (5)

Clean Bandit featuring Louisa Johnson - 'Tears' (Atlantic) 4 (3) 7 (8)

Gnash featuring Olivia O'Brien - 'I Hate U, I Love U' (Atlantic) 6 (5) 8 (7)

SIA - 'Cheap Thrills' (Monkey Puzzle/RCA) 16 (13) 9 (11)

Cheat Codes / Kriss Kross - 'Sex' (Parlophone) 10 (9)

Galantis - 'No Money' (Atlantic) 18 (15) 11 (10)

Mike Posner - 'I Took A Pill In Ibiza' (Island) 19 (14) 12 (12)

Desiigner - 'Panda' (Def Jam) 30 (28) 13 (14)

DNCE - 'Cake By The Ocean' (Republic) 15 (16) 14 (13)

Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign - 'Work From Home' (Syco) 20 (19) 15 (15)

Tinie Tempah featuring Zara Larsson - 'Girls Like' (Parlophone) 21 (18) 16

David Guetta featuring Zara Larsson - 'This One's For You' (Parlophone) 17 (16)

 DJ Snake featuring Bipolar Sunshine - 'Middle' (Interscope) 22 (21) 18

Dua Lipa - 'Hotter Than Hell' (Warner Bros) 9 (re) 19 (17)

Zara Larsson - 'Lush Life' (Epic) 24 (22) 20 (19)

P!nk - 'Just Like Fire' (RCA/Walt Disney) 13 (9) 21 (new)

Stone Roses - 'Beautiful Thing' (Virgin EMI) (8) 22 (new)

Neales - 'I'll Be There' (ZY) 23 (18)

Little Mix featuring Sean Paul - 'Hair' (Syco) 17 (17) 24 (21)

Drake - 'Controlla' (Cash Money/Republic) 25 (26)

Adele - 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' (XL Beggars) 27 (29) 26 (20)

Alan Walker - 'Faded' (Relentless) 28 (26) 27 (22)

Lukas Graham - '7 Years' (Warner Bros) 29 (24) 28 (27)

Calum Scott - 'Dancing On My Own' (Instrumental) 8 (27) 29 (30)

OneRepublic - 'Wherever I Go' (Interscope) 31 (32) 30 (29)

 Chainsmokers featuring Daya - 'Don't Let Me Down' (Distruptor) 31 (23)

 Rihanna featuring Drake - 'Work' (Roc Nation) 32 (24)

Jonas Blue & Dakota - 'Fast Car' (Positiva) 33 (32)

Coldplay - 'Hymn For The Weekend' (Parlophone) 23 (20) 34 (40)

Ariana Grande - 'Into You' (Republic) 35 (28)

Major Lazer featuring Nyla & Fuse ODG - 'Light It Up' (Because) 39 (36) 36 (34)

Justin Bieber - 'Sorry' (Def Jam) 35 (39) 37 (35)

Justin Bieber - 'Love Yourself' (Def Jam) 32 (30) 38 (38)

Shawn Mendes - 'Stitches' (EMI) 39 (39)

Nick Jonas featuring Tove Lo - 'Close' (Island) 40 (new)

Tom Odell - 'Magnetised' (Columbia/ITNO)

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Summer Mix July 2016 Spinnin Records

Spinnin Records posted on SoundCloud a new Summer mix, listen to it before it all goes away. House music from artists like Bob Sinclair and people like that.
My hope is that you get to listen to the tunes shared on this blog. My name is Robert 'robbwindow' and have had my fair share of mixing and DJing. I like allsorts of music and share as much as a can for many different reasons.
This is my last entry this week. It's Sunday morning, it's a lovely day and I am of out to enjoy the sun here in London. If you like what I am sharing and appreciate it in some way please share it someplace. I not on Instagram or SnapChat so perhaps you could share with mates there. If you are on Google please let me know you came by mentioning me at +RobertBridge similarly I never miss a Tweet if you shoutout to @robbwindow or @robertbridge. You can recieve email notifications if you follow the RSS feed where you can subscribe at the top left with any email you maybe using right now. Bright blessings to all who have or need them. Without you I could not continue sharing the way I do.

True Romance #SummerBliss Sunrise

Described as true bliss by one user, I agree True Romance - Sunrise its just nice. Funky disco sound with nice lyrics for summertime, be great sound in car or at a Sunday afternoon barbecue. Fans of Siade will like this sort of mix or the way it kicks of anyway.

Decent electronic funky sounds to share with all your neighbours. Listen to True Romance Mixtape #4 by Sunrise HWY by True Romance #np on #SoundCloud

Make no bones about this is one of those electronic sessions that make time stand still, good stuff. If you not blogging or reblogging these blurbs yourself you must be fast asleep or totally not interested. Music for all sorts of people. These even sound good in an elevator or some b rated explicit video. Reminds me of a live at Playboy Mansion summer pool party kind of feel. 

The kind of music you listen to headphones whilst stitching back the bottom hem of jeans or drive your long distance lorry on the motorway too 'Rubber Duck'. It's hard I know to take reviews like this serious however it is a good one. If you found yourself listening to the Commodores during the eighties you defo like this remember… is fresh housey, funky sounds. 

Music to make out to, maybe just depends how long you can last. Everybody likes smooching and doing slowies to this sort of thing. Goes down well at carnivals and all sorts of creatures will like this sound and melancholy. Treat yourself, have a good listen, see what you think then get back to me and tell me if I wrong. 

Slackk Snake Charming Music | Grime

Just listening to this new Grime mix from ID magazine by Slackk it's called Music to…Charm snakes too. Starts of with traditional artists from over the years so you know what your listening too. Moves into more traditional honky tonky sounds that the grimey people like. Throughout the mix there are mixing samples used to show how busy the DJ is. I will write a bit more about this SoundCloud mix as I hear the tracks.
Grime often appears on the airwaves and in bars here in London. Grime got it's name somewhere near Hackney East London. This mix is an easy listening version, lots of nice lyrics f rom Tiny Tempah, Wiley, people like that. If you believe this mixture of grime is making lots of rappers a lot of money. So what's unique about this mix?

Might be an idea to check the tracks showing up in this mix because a lot of what you are hearing are remixed or CDs playing back to back in interesting ways. A bit of controlled chaos in the mixing. Using lots of squelching sounds and clapping noises from the drum machine. Good use of synthesizers which bring a mysterious haunting sound which maybe why they called it the Snake Charmer mix. Early on in the mix we get hints that this maybe true, I not convinced it would take more than this to charm the socks of a snake.

Slackk does a good job of promoting the possibilities and flexibilities of Grime, I imagine hearing bits of this at the Notting Hill carnival. The vocal samples and breaks between tracks is disruptive enough and helps introduce in a variety of haunting sounds. This is Grime sounds, listen carefully for some tracks you can hear the toads in the background croaking.

Lots of little odes to the past, if you used to like listening to people messing about on keyboards and Top of Old Smokey tracks on the Major Morgan then you will like this. It also brings up digital versions of the recorder, the triangle and orhestral piano bowel movements.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Music I been listening too this week

Hi just a quick update about what I been listening to this week outside of other supposed urgent mandates. I managed to catch up on a lot of underground music from UK party scene. Lots of new radio stations have sprouted up. Teams of DJs are forming thanks to a few good men. A few good men in the sesnse like Ghotti they have been clubbed together and brought back into mainsteam. There is a cyclical trend for this sort of thing.

A few talented upcoming DJs share the wealth and as a homage to the scene they are in stand on the shoulders of giants. Of course I am talking about Drum & Bass. Some of the heads look like there close to retirement. Healthy enough to get on the decks and show the current generation of party workers hows it goes.

Drum & Bass parties as far as I remember it have been accompanied by the good old British Happy Hardcore. I like this sort of music. The lyrics are uplifting and many of the riffs tie in nice with trance music and many other tracks. I updated a mix on Podomatic this week and shared with audiences and other DJs. I imagine it rose in the charts but I never kept tabs. It was an old school classics mix.

At the same time I kept my ears in the cloud and noticed many Happy Hardcore DJs still doing good stuff. Infact I compiled a playlist for you to catch up on some of the better tunes that came on my radar. I like SoundCloud it's really cool player. Similarly listening on MixCloud is a great place to comment and pay respects. It would great to see a mixed party night here in Tottenham.

On the Isle of Man which is where I from they been having drum n bass nights in EJs club on lock prom. It used to be called.this now it's called something else. Elton John opened it a few years since. This maybe why I have been combing through and the drum and base nights around the shores and coastal village's of UK. To my pleasant surprise I like what I here.

Whilst listening I have got to here active DJs describe the new genres of Grime, Trap Music, good old Jungle and allsorts of other stuff.

Last month I started out researching early dubplates from Jamaica after reading a book in the library on the topic. Amazing sound those early reggae dub tracks. The natural progression of things went well beyond Bob Marley although the early Wailers track did come onto the radar.

Croatia • Corti Organ Heavens Gate 517

These guys were in UK back in 2011. I had the pleasure of late night dining with these guys after a well known boat party 'On the Thames'. The party finished at a respectable time making it possible for a late night Chinese meal in Chinatown. Since that time they are doing very well in the trance music industry. They have a nice website explaining everything. This week my nephew Chad went to Croatia with all his mates to party. Listen to HeavensGate 517 - Corti Organ by music & artist management #np on #SoundCloud

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

3 Excellent Vice ID Music Mixes 2016

Over the past few months alternative media website Vice has hosted three very important SoundCloud music DJ mixes from the world of House. Save you rooting around I have shared them here with you so as you can keep up with all this stuff.

DJ Louie Vega Vice ID Music mix made in mid 2016 is nice mellow traditional house music American style.

Below is a mix by Little Louie Vega its quite nice, I like this sort of traditional House Music. Louie is the other half of a popular mixing team from throughout the ninties and early 2000's up until today, if you like House do yourself a favour and listen to Louie Vega do his thing.

Next mix is by a conessiur of music who knows his onions, is a regular over in West London and like Louie has been leading they way in house music and other popular music. Justin Robertson did the Pipes of Peace tune and a few years ago I shared here on robbwindow Alphabeta which is a nice tune produced by Justin Robertson. 

The tune below is a Justin Robertson Slumber party mix of all sorts of chill out tunes for you to distill.

I used to buy ID magazine monthly years since. Like DJ it is a well respected English magazine that keeps you up to date with whatever is going on. Here is Sasha with his Slumber Mix published today 10th May 2016, enjoy.

Sasha Slumber Mix for Vice ID 2016 May 10th. You can hear Sasha play this year again at the W17 Clapham Common music festival. You can find out more over on Facebook or the main website. 

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