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Bowlers 1992 Stu Allen

Bowlers is a North West club where they played nice house music. Stu Allen was always playing on the wireless in Liverpool, Manchester area. So if you wanted to go out and have a nice time this is the place you would go during the early to mid nineties.
This video is from 1994 not 1992, it sounds familiar and was the kind of thing you could listen too over and over again. If you a fan of house music during the peak of UK rave era, I am sure you will like this live Stu Allen session.

Guest Blogger Instructions

Hi my name is Robert (robbwindow) and I writing to let you know some exciting news. I have sent out a handful of invites to guest bloggers. After the last post I realised that many of you have no experience blogging. With this in mind I just want to share how simple it is to blog here on Bloggers. Also a reminder about music outlets and supportive text to accompany your guest entries here on robbwindow music blog.

Music varies we all have different tastes in music and the reasons why you share what you share is something I hope you can do. Here are some basic instructions if you decide to take me up on this exciting offer.

First thing to remember is the title, so when you login and click the orange pencil to make a new post here is the basics:

Add a nice post title in the top title box. This should be a highlight of all the media you decide to share with readers. If you are sharing a Playlist then the title should be the same as the title of your playlist.Compose you post by first add…

Tom Waits Island Records Red Barn

Tom Waits - Murder in the Red Barn
'Bone Machine' Album - 1992 Island Records

Solomon 2nd Mix Radio 1

Meet Solomon again. He is another electronic DJ who is providing great sounds on the circuit.
This mix is like Steve Lawler previous mix one from the Pete Tong show.

I spelt his name wrong again is Solomun with a ü. Hope this as good as his last mix shared here.
A lot of the mixes I do not always get chance to listen too. I always come back though and have a nice listen.
Be sure to wear headphones when listening loud so as not to upset your neighbourhood and remember: good music is contagious.
If you can spread the love please there is bound to be a heap of your followers on Twitter who will want to listen to this a little bit later on.
Facebook is another place. I not mind you copy and pasting to other blogs though please leave link and reference I no worried about no follow links too just do the honourable thing, Copyscape in the house.
Perhaps share with a picture of you wearing big headphones to show you enjoy every minute.
Here I am on Google @robbwindo…

Steve Lawler July 2016 Radio One

Steve Lawler +Steve LAWLER is all over the place at the moment. I just listening to a SoundCloud mix of his and is good I enjoying.
Steve is calling it the sexier side of House music. I agree is very chilled out with nice snippets of vocals. Few years ago I purchased one of his CDs which was featured in HNV. I like the newer sound he is developing in Ibiza.
I found Steve Lawler music again via Sankey Soaps Ibiza team whom Steve is listed as a resident. The above video has loads of views and includes a Tracklist. If there is anything you like or stands out in anyway you can search for the track there. It seems the original bootleg is no longer available on MixCloud. Keep up one step of the curb by subscribing +Robert Bridge