Today is Tuesday and I am in the process of writing an essay on teaching Language as a secondary Language. It's actually going quite well. More importantly though I found this video on Facebook of a DJ from Colombia, I think is name is DJ Cannibal, if you know I'm then I'm sure you'll know your in for a treat. This video is in full and DJ Cannibal show's how to compose yourself as a DJ, he drops some wicked tunes, and commendably he still uses the vinyl insmongst the normal digital niche sounds that exist today. You'll see him tweeking with all the dials of the decks. This video is 3 months old but like I say if you like House music then your in for a treat. Twitter music I think, but I don't want to pidgin hole anyone, equally I would want still to be pidgin holed into anyone genre myself. If you get chance a least listen to this mix in the background it's awesome. Famous DJ's from Colombian House scene that I know of are the likes of DJ Sneak but unlike Sneak and more to the House music's popular genre, DJ Cannibal uses a mixture of everything yet still manages to withhold an element of colombian culture throughout this mix



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