robbwindow: Techhouse musicreview Aug09

Robbwindow Tech house Music review
1. Simon Shaker Facebook Page - The Shape (Original Mix) Tech house with it's winding sounds and frequent backward windy air hopping is repetitive and very hypnotic. When it kicks in it gives you that one key bang from a keyboard. At first this track makes you want to go out and buy an and try and make a tech house tune. Luckily it picks up with some squiggly sounds and the chant in the background gets progressively loader. It goes Chiba yeah I think and then brings in the dub roots n reggae sounds of the eighties. Practically I think this tune will have a lot of uses I can't quite think of one right now, but a tech DJ will like this especially if they want to add some lovely eighties new wave or reggae beats over the top. All in all a nice tune.

2. Aquabeat Myspace Vein Litterback - Phobos (Andrea Bertolini Remix) Soundcloud Aquabeat & Vein Litterback - Phobos (Andrea Bertolini Radio Mix) by aquabeat

These boys are awesome the music is fantastic and I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for these guy's work. It's definitely worth having a listen to and the track over all is definitely up there.

3. Sebastian Ingrosso Myspace - Kidsos (Original Mix) Ok bearing in mind this is a popular Dj at the moment I will refrain from criticising the slow beginning because that what progressive tech I suppose and I keep coming back to is a build up of expectation. I mean Rockofello Skank is awesome which is what obviously came form this track essence which that alone is enough to rate it highly. The build up to this one is slow and a bit Major Morgan with its riff and the trancey back ground is surprisingly familiar however once it kicks in you'll be nodding your head. It's the kind of tune you just stand and pose to, I guess this type of music is where house crosses over trying to be trance. Well this one pulls it of perfectly well. And I'm sure this avoids you looking silly with your hands up in the air, instead you might like to remember learning your first choo choo lesson on Major Morgan at Christmas and thinking anything is possible.

4. James Talk & Ridney - West End girls (2009) (Radio Mix)
West End girls without the lyrics. Well the tune is a corker and I guess will always be. Here's some lyrics that have been removed from this classical yet aqueous remix, That just make you want to fill in the dots. Some times your better of ... you think your made you think your ... kicking in chairs in a ... in a dining ... call the ... there's a madman around.

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