House Music Review

House Music Review August 4th 2009

1. Adam Freeland - ManCry Gui Boratto Remix 7:31

Adam Freeland is a very popular DJ and is renouned for his electronic sounds and subliminal mixing. This tune is is testament to this. Gui Boratto again is an awesome current remixer. This tune has that breathy kind of feel where the progressiver tune builds up into something very simple, yet at the same time is very adourable. Little blips and blops here and there with a build up that keeps you eloquantly booping your head no end. This one has no lyrics and I don’t think it needs lyrics so you could put into the minimal bracket. But I would personally say it has a more progressive feel about it. Anyway Adam usually goes down very well in Spaaranwoude, which brings me onto my second reccomendation.


2. Olav Basoski - Spaarnwoude - 6:03

Taken from his Samplitude Volume Olav Basoski gives his tribute to one of the best rave ups in the world. Holland takes the stage for much of this kind of bleepy tunes, which goes back to things like the Ping Pong tune back in the days. This tune has a European Gemanic back and forth be dum, be dum, with a funky ba dew, ba dew. I like this tune more for it’s title rather than an epic tune however in my opinion to fulfill this role. I remember a few months ago listening to this tune on the Dance Valley website and thought it was cool, so this tune is part of the festival fun however again it has no lyrics and it is more mimimal than house. This is the kind of tune they’d play in the Ministry or something like this. Olav sounds German though (forgive me if you are not) so this might be a track DJ Hell would play. I’m really not to sure, it’s a must though and goes hand in hand with these tracks I cite here.


3. Moby - Pale Horses Gui Boratto Remix 7:37

Like twinkering sound from the of shoot that gets progressively louder alongside a backwards hoover noise sample that builds up softly into a really good Moby jibber jabber tune. Put me on a train send me back my home couldn’t live without you… then back to the one two one one two plus the backward hoover sound, this tune is really clever but it has religeous jist to it. I get even though it’s a wicked tune it’s actually about deaths, I can’t see this going down well at a funeral wake however it is a banging tune, Moby is very popular and you’ll know this tune when you here it. It will definetely fit in somewhere in somekind of mix, one because everybody who have bought the album will be bobbing their heads to this one in approval. This tune is a corker, if you like Moby this ones for you again if you are mourning this tune might cheer you up a bit.


4. Junior Sanchez feat. Good Charlotte - Elevator Laidback Luke Remix 7:53

Wicked tune it’s that kind of tune you think is about to happen everyone starts smiling nidding their head and ask who’s this. Well then they do they will realise why just look at who’s colaborating here Sanchez king of house with Laidback Luke on the remix who is renouned for spicing up tunes and his awesome mixes on the radio. This tune is great I think it could do with another remix though maybe with a sample of Love in an Elevator or something like this. If you’d like to be stuck in an elevator with someone pretty then this is the tune for you. Or your waiting for a rocket to launch. Maybe they could use this track for the new Joe 90 movie. As I am sure your already aware, this is a killer tune.


5. Julian The Angel - Sweet Child Of Mine 2009 - Dario Nunez Remix 6:02

Now even though I love this riff from Guns n Roses this tune is a latino house tunes, it’s a sombrero tune with you Cuban Mafia coctails. Luckily, when the riff does come into play it is paused and repeated at a certain time into the Latino two step style tune which tells you to come on. This tune would be wicked for keep fit lessons. If you worried about getting another Sweet Child of Mine Tune, do not because this tune is a corker. If anything, it might inspire you to get a little bit more adventurous with your mixing rather than just sticking with the old linear perfect mix. This tune could possibly even get me dancing nice tune.


6. Spencer Parker - The Beginning (Michel Cleis Remix) 9:30

House music with a Latino feel, starts of like a traditional repetitive piano based Prada feel then the hollow drums kick in which might bring out the latino ravers onto the dance floor, when it eventually does kick in they should definetley get on the floor however if your just driving down the road with this one you might want to treak around with it and mix in something. What I’m saying is it takes a while to get going however it’s new it’s a perfectly intriguing mix and has a nice summery vibe to it. But it takes it half way into the tune before it starts getting all electronic on you. Like someone pottering around on their electronic keyboard or stylus. I think this one might secretly be a collaboration with Rolf Harris, not to sure though. I got it it has a more wine bar feel about it, very clever with moments of fruityness however left ot long goes bland.


7. Sharam Ft Kid Cudi - She Came Along Ali Payami mix 6:54

This tune is a pretty tune with a nostalgic riff sample from what seems to be the nineteen twenties depression era. Don’t get me wrong it’s a wicked sample. Towards the end the real lyrics come intot he tune. So in a way it sets up the depression idea then cures it with the solution towards the end. Very clever Sharam Jay is the best his podcasts are awesome and I even have one of his albums on my shelf from years ago. He was good on radio one mixes with the other Underworld members and basically if you’re a fan too I suggest you give this one a try. In breif short and sweet with no nonsense beats that will get your party bopping, this one might last for a while.


8. Stylus Robb - Assou Mama Clubzound Remix 6:18

Samba yamba yamba, got my number great very very very good tune here we go get ready to rock this tunes got you bopping. Great sample tune but because after a while you realise it is very European or Mexican dorito music you might want to mix this one in sharply. Trust me though this is a must in your bag of tricks. Rob B is definetely up there with the samba house massive. This is a Clubzound remix so it is very uptempo you might want to try the original however I am very happy with this tune.


9. Alan Connor Vs. Mike Melange - I Love The Sunshine (Beltek) 3:33

Nice guitar riffs to end a session of samba and house with an uplifting chorus with simple lullaby lyrics with that not to sure whether it house or trance but is most certainly classed as house. All the sun worshippers will like this tune. Great quick and easy tune to bring you back into the summer of whatever. I like this however this is mainly on the premise evry good mix needs a guitar riff in it.


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