Robbwindow October Selection

This weeks mix is mellow minimal and packed full of goodies. I have decided to go outside of the usual bundle in-order for you to understand the media nostalgia and the way in which artists are retaken from the woodwork. If you don't already know I'm robbwindow. Check me out in Google to find out all the details about my DJ ability and online presence.

1. DJ Observer Daniel Heatcliff feat. Madeline Rison - Vision (Lentos Dub)

This track has been voted by many as a track of the week, this week is Halloween Week. Be sure to get your pumpkins and turnips early. 4/5

2. Dirty South Sebastian Ingrosso - Meich

Great to see these artists collaborating they have done some great sets recently around London. Both these musical makers are very good. Many people online again are talking about all this type of music. Have a listen see what you think. 4/5

3. Wally Lopez - Iuvenis (Original Vocal Mix)

Anything by Wally is good especially this time of year when the leaves are falling. 5/5

4. Gus Gus - Thin Ice (Analogue People in a Digital World remix)

Gus Gus are great I am a big fan they have some really groovey music, there earlier stuff is awesome. Very ambient and you can easily get lost in any of there previous albums. Additionally Analogue People in a Digital World are very active at the mo and run on a similar tip to Gus Gus could this be part of a minimalist revival if so very nostalgic attempts happening online. 4/5

5.  OMD (Seth Troxler & Ryan Cross remix) -  Radio Slave

6. OMD (David Guetta Remix) - Enola Gay

OK as you know I keep chirping about David Guetta, well he is very popular and his compilation albums always sell very well in the highstreet Stores. 5/5


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