Robbwindow at the Matt Darey Boat party

4th Year Electronic Sessions Boat Party held on Saturday 27/2/2010 was the best night I have ever had in London party scene. People from all over the world attended, many of whom came just to meet and listen to number one DJ band member of Urban Astronauts Matt Darey  of one of my favourite podcast radio shows Nocturnal.

01 March Mix By Robbwindow [trance music] by Robbwindow2

Temple Pier Trance party. The boat was traveling up and down the Thames. From the deck The Houses of Parliament and the London Eye equally looked spectacular.

Urban Astronauts incidentally have a new remix of the track called Black flowers so look out for this. a tranquil video of it is posted below. These two girls were very friendly all evening, although this connection was based on the premise of mistaken geographical identity. Amanda the blond girl I thought at a guess was from Essex. She’s actually from Kent though. Her friend is cool too, she kept striking popular poses, look her for example she staring up into the air baring in mind this is on a boat and the ceiling is very low I find this all very interesting. Another good example of how when I open my mouth I generally get it wrong, apologies again Amanda :) you were very commandeering all evening.


In the image above is a Florida soccer player and then talented singer Victoria,  she is amongst other things a horse rider and marathon runner and a teacher, I think they both say they teachers. The two guy's beside me are talented DJ's Steve and Luke (LeoLife) who had at this point just finished there amazing set.

After the party instead of going to the Ministry of Sound to hear Steve Lawler I had the pleasure of taking these two very talented guy's to one of my favourite Chinese Restaurants in Chinatown (No not Wonkies it was too late!). I'm liking their track on Myspace the one on the right is from Croatia and the other producer and DJ is from Germany you should check out their track it's nice.

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