Flex - Beat It | Drum n Bass / Dec 2015

I just found this on YouTube. The first tune Flex play's got my attention, as I sure you will agree too; the lyrics and melody is nice. I know a lot of you find listening to drum and bass difficult because of the fast speed drums, high hats and snare beats. The reality is it's been around a long time and there is a scene which definitely has it's place here on robbwindow. I first experienced dnb in Liverpool Carl Cox was playing it on three decks. Around the same time I purchased a heap of Fantasia tapes. A favourite of mine was the Donovan Bad Boy Smith mix again because the first few minutes in the small Liverpool record shop caught my attention. So please sit back and listen to this guy do his thing, I am confident it will be worth your while.

Listen to Beat It promo Mix by 5ha5h #np on #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/5ha5h/beat-it-promo-mix

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