Music I been listening too this week

Hi just a quick update about what I been listening to this week outside of other supposed urgent mandates. I managed to catch up on a lot of underground music from UK party scene. Lots of new radio stations have sprouted up. Teams of DJs are forming thanks to a few good men. A few good men in the sesnse like Ghotti they have been clubbed together and brought back into mainsteam. There is a cyclical trend for this sort of thing.

A few talented upcoming DJs share the wealth and as a homage to the scene they are in stand on the shoulders of giants. Of course I am talking about Drum & Bass. Some of the heads look like there close to retirement. Healthy enough to get on the decks and show the current generation of party workers hows it goes.

Drum & Bass parties as far as I remember it have been accompanied by the good old British Happy Hardcore. I like this sort of music. The lyrics are uplifting and many of the riffs tie in nice with trance music and many other tracks. I updated a mix on Podomatic this week and shared with audiences and other DJs. I imagine it rose in the charts but I never kept tabs. It was an old school classics mix.

At the same time I kept my ears in the cloud and noticed many Happy Hardcore DJs still doing good stuff. Infact I compiled a playlist for you to catch up on some of the better tunes that came on my radar. I like SoundCloud it's really cool player. Similarly listening on MixCloud is a great place to comment and pay respects. It would great to see a mixed party night here in Tottenham.

On the Isle of Man which is where I from they been having drum n bass nights in EJs club on lock prom. It used to be called.this now it's called something else. Elton John opened it a few years since. This maybe why I have been combing through and the drum and base nights around the shores and coastal village's of UK. To my pleasant surprise I like what I here.

Whilst listening I have got to here active DJs describe the new genres of Grime, Trap Music, good old Jungle and allsorts of other stuff.

Last month I started out researching early dubplates from Jamaica after reading a book in the library on the topic. Amazing sound those early reggae dub tracks. The natural progression of things went well beyond Bob Marley although the early Wailers track did come onto the radar.

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