Summer Mix July 2016 Spinnin Records

Spinnin Records posted on SoundCloud a new Summer mix, listen to it before it all goes away. House music from artists like Bob Sinclair and people like that.
My hope is that you get to listen to the tunes shared on this blog. My name is Robert 'robbwindow' and have had my fair share of mixing and DJing. I like allsorts of music and share as much as a can for many different reasons.
This is my last entry this week. It's Sunday morning, it's a lovely day and I am of out to enjoy the sun here in London. If you like what I am sharing and appreciate it in some way please share it someplace. I not on Instagram or SnapChat so perhaps you could share with mates there. If you are on Google please let me know you came by mentioning me at +RobertBridge similarly I never miss a Tweet if you shoutout to @robbwindow or @robertbridge. You can recieve email notifications if you follow the RSS feed where you can subscribe at the top left with any email you maybe using right now. Bright blessings to all who have or need them. Without you I could not continue sharing the way I do.

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