True Romance #SummerBliss Sunrise

Described as true bliss by one user, I agree True Romance - Sunrise its just nice. Funky disco sound with nice lyrics for summertime, be great sound in car or at a Sunday afternoon barbecue. Fans of Siade will like this sort of mix or the way it kicks of anyway.

Decent electronic funky sounds to share with all your neighbours. Listen to True Romance Mixtape #4 by Sunrise HWY by True Romance #np on #SoundCloud

Make no bones about this is one of those electronic sessions that make time stand still, good stuff. If you not blogging or reblogging these blurbs yourself you must be fast asleep or totally not interested. Music for all sorts of people. These even sound good in an elevator or some b rated explicit video. Reminds me of a live at Playboy Mansion summer pool party kind of feel. 

The kind of music you listen to headphones whilst stitching back the bottom hem of jeans or drive your long distance lorry on the motorway too 'Rubber Duck'. It's hard I know to take reviews like this serious however it is a good one. If you found yourself listening to the Commodores during the eighties you defo like this remember… is fresh housey, funky sounds. 

Music to make out to, maybe just depends how long you can last. Everybody likes smooching and doing slowies to this sort of thing. Goes down well at carnivals and all sorts of creatures will like this sound and melancholy. Treat yourself, have a good listen, see what you think then get back to me and tell me if I wrong. 

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