Guest Blogger Instructions

Hi my name is Robert (robbwindow) and I writing to let you know some exciting news. I have sent out a handful of invites to guest bloggers. After the last post I realised that many of you have no experience blogging. With this in mind I just want to share how simple it is to blog here on Bloggers. Also a reminder about music outlets and supportive text to accompany your guest entries here on robbwindow music blog.

Music varies we all have different tastes in music and the reasons why you share what you share is something I hope you can do. Here are some basic instructions if you decide to take me up on this exciting offer.

First thing to remember is the title, so when you login and click the orange pencil to make a new post here is the basics:

  1. Add a nice post title in the top title box. This should be a highlight of all the media you decide to share with readers. If you are sharing a Playlist then the title should be the same as the title of your playlist.
  2. Compose you post by first adding at least a paragraph of text introducing the media you wish to add. This may also include in the sentence a repitition of what the title says with additional catchy text to keep listeners focused onwhat they are bout to listen too.
  3. For YouTube videos please retrieve the url from share this at the bottom of the YouTube video. Copy this link by highlighting link with mouse, select all by right clicking and choosing the option. Come back to blogger and click the movie cut chalk board. A pop up will show add video from YouTube. Now you can click the mouse in this pop up and paste the URL copied from YouTube. This will find you video and enable add to post with Blogspot YouTube player. Is better that way because the video screen is more compact and plays better on most devices.
  4.  To the right please add a couple of tags and set location of where you are or where the video was pressed. 
  5. Go back into editing below the added video so you can tell the world all about it. This may include anthing as long as it's legible and free from any errors. You can write as much as you like. The more the better. If you are the media creator and want to promote mix well in search engines good descriptions and links to how we can contact or follow you online is best.
If you are curious or having any problems publishing be sure to let me know. I am in the process of fixing comments here on Bloggers. For some reason new posts are not enabling the Google comments system. I hope to verify coding and improve this site when need be so please take pride in your music you listen to and the way you share online.
Yours in blogging,

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