Popular House Mix Aug 2016

I have compiled a mix for you to play at parties. I am calling this one a popular music house mix Aug 2016 for obvious reasons.

All tunes are current and sound good enough to play in a live atmosphere or to friends at parites and barbeques. My hope is that this will get played to friends and family who are ok with popular music, like to relax and have a good time. So here goes:

Popular House Mix
  1. Tilted Christine and the Queens
  2. Sex Cheat Codes Kris Kross Amsterdam
  3. Piece Of Me MK and Becky Hill
  4. House Every Weekend David Zowie
  5. Follow Me Hardwell mixes Jason Derulo
  6. This Girl Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners 
  7.   Closer The Chainsmokers Halsey
  8. Tears Clean Bandit  Louisa Johnson
  9. No Money Galantis
  10. Kill'Em With Kindness Selena Gomez
  11. Say You Do Sigala Imani and DJ Fresh
  12. All In My Head Flex 5th Harmony Fetty Wap
  13. One More Time Craig David
  14. Is This Love Bob Marley LVNDSCAPE and Bolier 
  15.   Not Many If Any Death Ray Shake Scribe and Savage   

1. Tilted - Christine and the Queens
This sort of song is a good start to the mix and has some French lyrics in it which appeals to my Canadian listeners and other French speaking countries. Is an electronic song with nice enough lyrics. Nothing to obtrusive and a great way to start of this musical meal. Tilted is an interesting song from an interesting album which is currently floating around the dance charts this week. Hope you enjoy it, I give it a *4 star rating.

2. Sex Cheat Codes Kris Kross Amsterdam
Apologies about the chipmunk sounds in this one. What goes on Amsterdam stays there. A great place to go for sex and what better setting to talk about sex baby. This song is fun and is slowly building this mellow house mix into something edible enough to blast at any barbeque. Some of lyrics are explicit relating to having sex, so there you go. Don't worry I have not sold out completely. Hope you agree this is good cover of the original by Britney Spears, I maybe wrong let me know in comments below at any time if this cover is not Britney cover. The women in the picture is stuffing her mouth with a Jamaican pattie. I just had one for my evening meal, it was a vegetable pattie is any of you are wondering. Enjoy they really tasty and easy to toast, full of peas and carrots. Which brings me onto the next track. 

3. Piece Of Me   MK and Becky Hill

Nice piano house. Apologies about the horns hooting in the video from Vevo. MK is a top DJ to keep tabs on, very popular here in London. A simple enough tune with positive lyrics about life and love. Oh the gifts of music. My hope is to paint a picture with music. As you can see in the screenshot of the video so is MK at Vevo. The woman in the video is wearing an American gas guzzling car on her head, hence the beeping I presume. Have fun with this one. It's an American musician with a subtle hint of Italian House influence. No House mix is complete without some piano anthems I think. You can find MK mixing near 02 arena in London in some warehouse parties at the weekend here in London. Please do not quote me on this he may have moved onto to other countries. With the influx and immigration of people to and fro is difficult to keep up with everybody.

4. House Every Weekend David Zowie
If you crave house music every weekend and like to get out and wave your hands in the air in August 2016 like you just don't care this maybe for you. David Zowie has managed to capture music compilation albums so rest assured you will be hearing this in various places. Nothing special, I give it three. Blends in well enough for today's mixture of popular House music. I hope all this is making sense to you now. If not be sure to follow me on Twitter @robbwindow where I will be sharing about sport and other popular memes. If you like news you'll love that. Continuing on with that popular topic of love lets see, now. Next track please.

5. Follow Me Hardwell mixes Jason Derulo
Good guy Matt Hardwell I first heard him do his thing live at a Ferry Corsten event in his hometown Rotterdam. Unfortunately this video is not the complete track, however enough of this track to give you an idea of what this version of Jason Derulo track is all about. It seems to be very trance but is popular enough to be included in this popular music house mix (see how I get away with allsorts of DJ things). If you want people on social media to follow you try this track as a last resort. If it works let me know. Taps into that good as gold mentality. If your of to Spaaranwoude this year I imagine you will find yourself trying to dance to this this year at some point. Go Hardwell. Matts from UK by the way. Do good stuff :) Next topic:

6. This Girl Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners
Radio friendly music, stuff you can recognise. This is an insane bass remix, the track is also available on YouTube on Vevo. Vevo is a great place to find all the new tunes out there. If you like interesting and funky breaks in tunes with Warriors type Jersey lyrics this ones an definite goer. Like the rest of the tunes this sort of house music is very popular for various reasons in night clubs at the early hours of the night, sounds good on headphones so it maybe good at one of these silent discos. So when your boyfriend is busy dancing to drum and bass you can be slipping into something much more relaxing and pretend you like that sort of silly dancing about like a Zulu. Next questions:

7. Closer   The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey

Funny track from the local plumber. Great sound in the back ground. Nice slow tune sang by man and women alternating between verses. Is funny I like this one. Young couple move to the city in a car and the dialogue between them with interesting electronic sounds. This track has popped up in the charts this week so is very popular. Taps into that age gap disco people worry about. This stuff will stop you struggling at night getting to sleep. A movie type video with a little pun at the end by the director. Even though he has made a nice video on the backend of the last blurbs a very silly director at that. 4 stars.

8. Tears Clean Bandit feat. Louisa Johnson
A  tear jerker with a popular sound tapping into that popular Spanish tale of woe. Love it. Heaps of lovely musical samples with a nice enough popular music chorus making me look like butter wouldn't melt enjoy. Korny lyrics but the violin sounds are priceless, enjoy this housey popular bit of cheesey music. This sounds a bit like a Simon Cowell production so on that note I just give it a generous *3 stars.

9. No Money              Galantis
Another Andrew Donoho video with lots of colour. You will defo recognise this song. The intro lyrics sound like a school choir. Another head jerker, great if you are an avid listener of the radio. The video is cool enough for the prupose of this mix its all about the music guys. Great tips for motivation.l No matter how many times they knock you down you get up again. As much as I like this tune I am only going to give it three because in about a year I am not sure it will be as popular having been played so many times in various settings. Just ranting a bit now. I not usually go into so much detail so please feel free to soak it all up.

10. Kill'Em With Kindness  Selena Gomez

Seriously Selena Gomez is going to pleasantly surprise you with the funky song. There is a better version out there someplace probably more suited for a house music, this one will do anything with whistling innit gets may attention. Selena is growing up to be a good girl and keeping up with the curb. I am glad she has distanced her from Justin Bieber. He is doing his own thing and so is she. Both of them seem to be getting advice from the same musical experts which is perhaps why this caught my  attention. I be honest this is not something I would normally be impressed by, so with that said I give Selena a massive *5 star. Go Selena Gomez, kiss them with kindness, yuck!

11. You Do Sigala Imani and DJ Fresh

Steel band and drum and bass crushing it. Go DJ Fresh! That one makes this unique. I say right of the bat this is a *5 Star for me, any dissagreements leave them downstairs in the comments below please. Happy listening. My hope is you appreciate good sounds and sequences. Dub Step etc. Again this is not the full article. Is another Vevo snippet. Go Vevo and well done Sigala Imani this song has defo got me going jiggy jiggy time. I guess you could say this is the get your sweat on part of the popular house mix.

12. All In My Head  Flex 5th Harmony Fetty Wap

Sexy beach wear that got your attention Great video. If you love the beach then you will defo like this track and video. Fifth Harmony are more popular for the not giving you a $ track this one is them and Fetty Wang doing stuff. If you like popular music them you should be soaking all this sort of stuff up. Have fun folks. *3 Stars.

13. One More Time  Craig David
Craig David tapping into the numbers and the expertise of his buddies on the trap scene. If this does not get you moving you must be like Stephen Hawkins. Even this will have his top lip moving to this one. Craig David is back in full force, great tune. For nostalgic reasons I give Craig and his buddies a generous but well deserved *5 star rating.

14. Is This Love Bob Marley LVNDSCAPE & Bolier
Bob Marley bumped up a bit. Bring on the whistle posse. Bob Marley awakens allsorts of age groups if you not know the lyrics to this one you must be living on another planet. The red Indian of the pipes shows this bootleg has been going around the streets for ages. Due to the copyright and basic sounds in this necessary tune for my Popular House Mix Aug 2016 I give it a *3 Star rating. Top tune with a pleasant sound along with the extra whistling, tune.

15. Not Many If Any  Death Ray Shake Scribe and Savage
Music from top House mix people Ministry of Sound in Australia just to wake you up a bit. Scribe and Savage have done a good job on this one. Again walking along the edge of popular but good enough for house music fans, nice layers to this final track. I hope when you put all these songs together it all makes a bit more sense. For all the dudes out there doing stuff. Until next time, lets see what happens on social media. A lot from this blog has been dead as a door nail, so be sure you mention me at +Robert Bridge or @robbwindow on Twitter so I know you came. Thank you kindly.
*1 -5 star ratings.

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