Xenochrony In Practice

Xenochrony like crocheting is overlaying music and was first coined by the musician Frank Zappa. Frank Zappa was friends and influenced even till this day people involved in the music industry.

Xenochrony In practise should have a guitar riff in it put on top of the tune. Originally this laring of sounds would have been done on cassette (similar to movie reels) before getting pressed to vinyl.

We live in the MP3 download and CD generation now and the song Love Generation by Bob Sinclair is I think a good example of Xenochrony In house music.

Below is a collection of video's from the Bee Bop era and beyond. This entry is a work in progress research paper I am commissioning myself to write before churning out a musical mix of Xenochrony.

Toads of the Short Forest - Frank Zappa


Save The Life of My Child - Simon and Garfunkel


The Devil's Elbow - King Crimson


Like I say this is only a work in progress Xenochrony post and I invite you to comment below. Any valid contributions will be cited as such in the final mix up.

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